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Rabeah Mashinchi was born in Tehran in 1974
. After graduating from Azadegan high school with a degree in “advertising graphics”, she enrolled at the university of Arts and Architecture of Tehran
She then moves to Italy in 1995 where she pursued her interest as graphic designer
In 2011 she starts studying “visual Arts” at the Academy of fine Arts of Verona
These were the years in which she develops a great interest for abstract painting, which she considers the essence of painting

Rabeah Mashinchi (Tehran, 1974) is a contemporary artist who has continually studied and worked between Iran and Italy.

In the production of her work she seeks to embody the diverse nature of these two cultures. From studying design in Tehran and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona have been unified in the artist’s profound interest in the emerging arts of video, photography, installation and especially painting. Persistently alternating between innovation and tradition while embracing different fields of the visual arts, the artist utilises the various tools that she has developed throughout her career.

Rabeah Mashinchi’s painting production is a constant evolution due to the search for new topics, she still conserves, however, a coherent style that makes her works immediately recognizable. A vibrant use of colour is a key part of the artist’s means of expression. Her use of colour and gesture enable us to engage fully with the work and while allowing us to form stories based on the hidden figures and expressive mark-making .

Within the gestures, colours, and the references to various stages in the history of art, our relationship with the artwork can be cultivated and we create a sense of meaning. Her language is mature and aware.

The contrasts of proportions and colours of Maschinchi’s work are complemented by the simple and subtle figures and shapes that are introduced by the tactile scraping away of paint from the pictorial plane. Chance, intention, and gesture combine to create something unique which aches to relay a story of its history and creation, creating an immersive experience, capable of carrying the onlookers to a dimension where Rabeah Mashinchi’s warm marks dominate.

Camilla Compagni